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» Located at Cherry Beach, Toronto

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» Week Long Windsurfing Day Camps
» Ages 12+ July through August
» Fun for kids - Convenient for Parents

Youth Racing Program

» Ages 8 - 18
» Professional Instruction
» Beginner to Olympian Progression

Wednesday Night Racing

» FREE public races every Wednesday evening
» May through September
» Apres race Beach BBQ every week

Club History

"It's cheap! It's easy! It's fun!"

That's the way the sport was billed in the early 1980's, as the Toronto Windsurfing Club was flourishing on Cherry Beach. There were "special lessons and membership rates", just as there are today. And by 1985, the club boasted between 250 and 300 members.

Early80sTWCPoster smallThe Toronto Windsurfing Club takes pride in the fact that affordability and fun are still hallmarks of a completely volunteer operated organisation that first took root when board sailors took to the beach in the late 70's, despite the brush and the twigs that could take a toll on the toes during a dash to the water when the wind came up.

Air Waves was the name of the club newsletter in 1985, and editor David Danks wrote in the first issue that "It wasn't so long ago that I can remember yanking twigs from the beach in fear of catching my baby toe on making a mad dash for the water when the wind came up. That was May 1, 1978".

TWCBeachScene-1985smallDanks went on to say that at first "the only booms on the beach were nine foot long laminated teakwood", and he boasted of the advancements in gear with the telescopic aluminum "light weight models" that had begun to appear on the beach.

Boards came in all shapes and sizes, according to Danks, from the "50lb, 13 foot Naish ocean going vessel", to a "13lb, 8 foot kevlar board".

Cherry Beach Boardsailors

CherryBeachBoardsailors-EarEarly 1980's We are looking for volunteers to contribute stories and photos of the club's inception and milestones over the past 20 plus years. If you are interested in helping, please contact the club and submit a brief story or a photo.

This is an important part of our club's heritage and we are hoping to compile the first installment and put it online by the end of summer. This will be a ongoing project over the years to come. We are looking for members interested and able to make either a short term or long term commitment to this fascinating part of our site. If you know of someone near or far please contact them and let them know of the move to preserve our clubs past.

We are hoping to compile a list of past presidents, Instructors and name of people who have made a significant contribution to the club along the way.

Youth Windsurfing Camp

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